Painting on Metal-DBond - Originals

Majestic - U53-069-64N

Majestic - U53-069-64N

ArtMoi id: U53-069-64N


Majestic - U53-069-64N , 2019

Spray Paint , 24 x 24 IN

Painting On Dbond


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"My Artworks are layers of materials and emotions coming together to form a unity with unique perspective under my mastery. In my work, I integrate the composition of positive colors with powerful wording, to establish them as a visual trigger for a better life. I start my work by inviting the idea to my mind as visualization, then I proceed, by adding to it a combination of words and colors to reach its purpose. After completing my vision in my mind, I begin creating my masterpiece with different materials. My inspirations are the beauty of the human brain and the stunning language of self-programming. I also have a deep admiration for nature; mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas. I believe that a masterpiece should trigger you to think, your spirit to feel and your body to act." About